is happy to be here, sometimes. You can find her adding brutalist rings to her

eBay watchlist



that fertile wasteland of a Goodwill on [redacted] Street for articles of clothing she isn't even consciously aware she's searching for, e-roaming Craigslist for

antique mirrors

, and reading too much into arbitrary


that feels uncannily pertinent to her own personal life. Once in a while, she


attempt to practice mindfulness. Almost always, she will go on


. They’re like vacations to her. Quite literally her take on wanderlust.

Presently, she finds herself modernizing the infrastructure of a legacy print fashion publication for the digital age at


. She also writes on a freelance basis for various arts and culture publications.

In 2019, she mysteriously obtained twin Bachelors of Arts in the seemingly discrete disciplines of

Information Science

and Government at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.


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Vogue Runway Image Search

Pioneering a two-pronged advanced image search —
both editorially curated and AI-powered — to
facilitate searching through our vast archive
of over 1,000,000 runway images.

Vogue Runway Design System

Constructing a design system that acts as
a centralized library of reusable components
and patterns shared across iOS and Android to
modernize our look and feel, realign the app’s
visual design with the revamped global brand
identity, & enable prototyping of new

Vogue Club Video Experience

Redesigning the video experience for the
brand's first global fashion community,
optimizing for immersiveness and

Vogue Met Gala Voting

Introducing the ability to vote on whether
red carpet looks at the 2022 Met Gala accord
to the theme of the function, driving
engagement and registration.

Bon Appétit Recipes

Designing a streamlined recipe page that
encourages home cooks to make our recipes,
and eases their experience cooking
through them.

Condé Nast Hackathon 2021

Designing a concept that reimagines
bookmarking & sharing content.

WIRED Product Reviews

Designing a product review page that
encourages readers to shop products per
our expert editorial advice.

WIRED Buy Buttons

Redesigning CTAs in product galleries
to promote usability & provide editors
the ability to create more nuanced
product recommendations.

Verso Design System

Evolving and maintaining a modular design
system to support 25+ distinct brands
across 30+ global markets.

VICE Podcasts

Encouraging readers to discover,
listen, & subscribe to podcasts.

Depop Concept

Empowering users to define their own